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Mortgage for house re/construction

I will lead you safety to advantageous financing of house building

Construction house is by itself quite difficult and long-term task. The man without experiences can make many technical mistakes, which will unpleasant for him in the future. The same we can say about financing. Personally, I consider financing of house construction as most comprehensive and responsible task for adviser. Maybe you know some no finished houses, mud around and facade missing do not induce word home.

We solved complicate situation of Markus and Kamila, pair from Germany. We bought older house, money over on reconstruction were needed and we had not enough time. Within one month we had to arrange project of reconstruction (because of estimating of house value), to convince the proprietor to wait, to change bank, etc.

House building has usually these phases

  • buying of building plot, it is financed from savings, mortgage or loan from building saving without
  • house construction – controlled by estimator, according to that bank is sending money from mortgage
  • house approval financed by mortgage up to 90 % LTV.

I will help you to find complex advantageous way and process for financing your house construction. I will negotiate interesting interest rate too.
Moreover, I can arrange

  • House evaluation (by bank estimator)
  • Communication with property register
  • Mortgage combination with other sources, for example loan from building saving
  • And communication with the bank, of course

I have been dedicating my time to real estate financing and mortgage lending for 13 years. I started with mine, where I combined several types of loan which I used to build my own house. During time I arranged mortgage for buy and reconstruction flat and more complicated for self-employees and foreigners too. Up to now, I have arranged more than 300.

Do you know, invoices you don´t need to show in the bank?

Many people thing, you still must show invoices in the bank, if you used loan for building house. In case loan from building saving society invoices are still required, but not in all cases in fact too.

If you decide to finance your re/construction housing by mortgage invoices you probably will not need. Control visit by estimator is enough to check if sent money from bank are really invested to building.

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Deepankar and Ekta Singh

Deepankar and Ekta Singh

Deepankar and Ekta Singh

We would like to Thank you for all your support during our Mortgage Process and helping us to get the desired Mortgage on time with best possible rates.
We really appreciate all your hard work for helping us to get two loans on the same time and also dealing with the Real estate agents.
Thanks allot again.

Zimuto and Belinda Moyo

Zimuto and Belinda Moyo

Thank you for your support Pavel. God bless you.