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Financial advising

I will suggest complex solution for your finance. I elaborate detail analysis your finance situation and suggest optimal strategy. I will teach you to better understand of your money, effectively managing and invest.

Wide range of my financial services

  • Housing financing – mortgage, loan from building savings company
  • Income protection – life and accident insurance
  • Plan and nonplan costs in the future – saving account, investment
  • Saving for children – building saving, investment
  • Loans – new loans and consolidations
  • Retirement savings – pension funds, long term investment
  • Property insurance – house, car, responsibility

Are you thinking about new finance contract, but you don’t understand well financial products?

The most sensible solution is to meet with an independent financial adviser. And what you can expect there?

To be able to offer you tailor-made solution first I need get to know you well. Base on our meeting I will analyse your situation, needs and wishes. I will be concentrating not only on present but on expected future development too. Only this way I can offer you long term and stable financial plan with minimalize risks.

Have you already paid some financial products?

In this case make sense to meet with independent financial adviser too. Do you know why?

I can help you to analyse if your existing products solves your real needs. I will evaluate if some adjustment is needed or not, or if it’s still effective to continue with this product. If it is necessary, I will prepare new optimal financial plan for you. Find out more reasons to meet with me personally.
Contact me, I will explain it all simply and clearly.

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