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Course of cooperation

Previously only personally, these days mainly by phone or email

In the past I worked how they taught us: “in the first is necessary to meet with client personally, don’t do anything by phone or email. It’s about money, it’s important to meet and all discuss only personally.”

Yes, it’s meaningful in these days too, so we can meet without obligation. Mainly, when you are on the begin and want to understand, what takes to take mortgage for own property, it’s good idea.

But the world is accelerating. Many people cannot wait until we found suitable term for the meeting and want to get a view about their possibilities as soon. When you just found your dream flat or house you must decide very quick.

This is a way nowadays I meet with most people regarding mortgage only when I have prepared suggestion of solution. Necessary documents, data and consequences we communicate by mail or phone. So, no matter if you are just in Brno, Pilsner or Ireland. With email and smartphone is possible to do a lot.

Normally I don’t need any personal data, it’s more about numbers and the suggestions of solutions I prepare usually in two days. No matter which form we vote, I always will listen to you carefully, analyse your life situation and consider all options. I’ll present you only what I believe 100%.

Do you want to get to know me a little more? Look here. Or we will begin simply by phone or email. We’ll make it, like mortgage on lot and house construction nearby Prague for Ales, who works in Germany. Or mortgage refinance for Hana from Mladá Boleslav. I can adapt your time and place. Mainly we can talk openly, confidently and efficiently.

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