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In 13 years of my work experience, I have helped more than 300 people to their dream house and to balanced family finances

I have been dedicating my time to financial consultancy since 2005. My main passion is housing finance and mortgages. They are very diverse and require much broader insight into the situation – not only into finance, but also into property or family law, property evaluation, property register and real estate requirements.

I always manage to find a solution… if it exists, of course. Nowadays too, even when CNB (Czech National Bank) in October 2018 tightened up conditions for mortgage appliers. Send me information about your situation and I calculate you and verify in banks what mortgage amount is real in your case as quickly as possible. Don’t worry it isn’t so bad as it is presented in media.

My approach is based on detail analysis of your situation so that I can find an effective solution

Life taught me to throw up templates. Everyone is in different situation, has different possibilities and feels differently certainty and risks. Simply putting people into boxes and offering them pre-prepared, standard solutions doesn’t make me sense. Mainly in case of foreigners, it is not possible and individual approach is needed.

I prefer to properly ask you for your situation and your future plans. I’ll share with you experience of other people who solved similar situation before for you to know what can happen, for you to take into account children, short term changes in your cashflow, for you to have real expectations. And after that I’ll offer you individual financial plan. I can’t do it in another way.

And my profit?

So that everything is clear. My services are free of charge for you. I will be paid by a provision (a commission) by a bank at the end. Maybe you are worried that I will try to sell you the most expensive service (solution). It is not true, all banks give me the same profit. So the final solution depends on you and on your specific situation and preferences.

Maybe because of this I’m finding non-obvious solutions.