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Mortgage refinancing, even 2 years before interest rate fixation

The fixation of interest rate at your mortgage is oncoming and your bank offer is not ideal? Do you try various mortgage calculators on internet and looking for the lowest payments? I’m going to reveal something. The best mortgage you don’t find there. Why?

The calculator will not tell you

  • the lowest interest rate is not equal the lowest real payment, it doesn’t collect for example account fee, or life insurance which is required by bank to get the interest rate
  • you will usually need new property evaluation, and it costs money
  • you will pay fees at property register if you change bank
  • you don’t have to pay for too much expensive life insurance
  • the best offer from bank you will get after patient negotiation

TIP: Mortgage refinancing is possible even 2 years before fixation. Banks make other new step to clients. In few words they can hold actual low interest rate and you will use money in 12 – 24 months. You can obtain nowadays still low interest rates. Conditions in bank differ for new mortgage and for refinancing.

I will help you not only to choose and negotiate mortgage in bank, but everything related to it too.

I have been dedicating my time to real estate financing and mortgage lending for 13 years. Up to now, I have arranged more than 300 successful mortgages for clients. Refinancing some of them was needed. Not only for better interest rate but to fulfil the goal. Sometimes mortgage was increased to get money for attic or to change fleet (yes, it’s legal 😊). Any time we make extra payments. Or advantageously make credit consolidation.
refinancing, even 2 years before interest rate fixation.

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Deepankar and Ekta Singh

Deepankar and Ekta Singh

Deepankar and Ekta Singh

We would like to Thank you for all your support during our Mortgage Process and helping us to get the desired Mortgage on time with best possible rates.
We really appreciate all your hard work for helping us to get two loans on the same time and also dealing with the Real estate agents.
Thanks allot again.

Zimuto and Belinda Moyo

Zimuto and Belinda Moyo

Thank you for your support Pavel. God bless you.