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GB Mortgage for foreigners

Are you working in the Czech Republic and do you plan to buy your own property?

Banks have got some specific requirements, but we can make it. We need only two meetings. The first introductory meeting where we will get to know each other and analyse your situation, your requirements, expectations and options. On the second meeting we will sign the mortgage in the bank. I the meantime of our two meetings we will discuss all loan drafts by the phone or the email.

I have already helped to own property peoples come from England, Holland, Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Serbia, India, China and Zimbabwe.

The attitude of banks to foreigners is very different. If your bank declines to claim a mortgage, it doesn´t mean, another bank will not approve your mortgage. We only need to find the right bank for you.

From my experiences I can see following specifics of a mortgage for foreigners

  • The type of residence and the country of origin are the key.
  • Most banks accept permanent residence, some banks accept long-term residence permit and for some banks the type of residence is not decisive.
  • Regarding to country of origin the Slovaks and the EU residents are in the best position to get a mortgage. For rest of the countries it is very individual.
  • The bank usually offers a mortgage of up to 70-90% of a purchase price of the property, in some cases it could be less.
  • The other conditions and parameters of mortgage are usually the same as for Czech. There is not difference if you buy property or build or reconstruct your house.

Mortgages only with the full service

I know Czech background, I can represent you in dealing with banks as well as with real estate agents. It is not only about the property price, but also about conditions of the reservations agreement. Recently, for example, we have been able to extend the reservation period to 6 months and reduce the booking fee to 80%.

Moreover, I am linked to experts around me, who are very useful in achieving the goal:

  • Estimator of the market price of the property
  • Lawyers for the dispute and the final drafting of purchase contracts
  • Real estate agents for sale of your existing property

It is possible to discuss the loan drafts remotely via phone or email. It’s possible to meet personally only when signing the loan contract in the bank.

I have been working on real estate financing and mortgage lending for 15 years. I can combine several types of loans, which I used to build my own house. These experiences have directed me to specialise in this segment. Up to now, I can boost more than 400 successful mortgages. I have a strong negotiating position in various banks, which all together gives us a very strong position.

I believe in education, I hold the EFA (European Financial Adviser) title since 2016. The second highest degree for financial advisers in Czech Republic.

I speak English of course.

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Hi Pavel,
We would like to Thank you for all your support during our Mortgage Process and helping us to get the desired Mortgage on time with best possible rates.
We really appreciate all your hard work for helping us to get two loans on the same time and also dealing with the Real estate agents.
Thanks allot again. Hope to see you soon for our House Warming Party 🙂 .  


Deepankar and Ekta Singh